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Build quality by creating easy and concrete solutions for everyday work. Quality is part of all your work, it also guides your planning for the future. We’ll ask the right questions for you to learn more about the current quality status of your organization. We help you find weaknesses and provide solutions to fix them.




Design management by evaluating and structuring design work. We simplify tasks, create schedules, and look for the resources you need. We design even difficult design products and find the best manufacturers for them. We monitor workflow, and coordinate resources. We share our expertise and help your designers develop!




Let your staff continue to work smoothly as we help you upgrade your system to meet future requirements. We are a cost-effective partner who knows quality systems and the Finnish government's security protocol requirements in theory and practice.



We develop the company's safety through instructions, regular safety rounds and monitoring of maintenance documents. All levels should be assessed, from personal safety to company security. We will help you find and implement protocols that meet your requirements.



We promote companies that solve problems and bring cost-effective added value.

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